LXIV Financial Solutions offers you an in-depth service on applying loans and financial assistance. Giving you quick and reliable service on applying you preferred financial assistance such as business loans and collateral loans. Business loans are more often offered to SMEs and big construction companies. Business loans give financial assistance to these proprietors and corporations to supply their quick needs on additional capitals with low-interest rates. These loans give opportunities to these businesses to grow and expand their capitals.LXIV Financial Solutions offers these services and apply you to our partner financing companies that give fast and big approvals in business loans and other collateral loans. In applying for a business loan you should present your company’s business documents and bank statements. These will be screened and checked by our partnered financial companies so that your loan will be approved based on your need and capacity to pay. We at LXIV Financial Solutions pass your applications to our wide network of financial partners to supply the loan amount you need.

For our local businessmen that needs additional capital, funds for additional equipments, upgrades, expansions, investments and personal needs.
For individuals with existing cars that needs additional funding for investment purposes, business and personal needs.

For individuals engaged in trucking and logistics services that needs funds for expansions, investments and personal needs.

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